Product Review: LUSH It's Raining Men Shower Gel & Fair Trade Honey Shampoo

LUSH It's Raining Men Shower Gel & Fair Trade Honey Shampoo

Honey is for more than just drizzling over Greek yogurt or putting in your tea. It's also a natural preservative and a super moisturizer with antiseptic properties, and now, it happens to be the star ingredient in a new array of products from LUSH.

I've been using the It's Raining Men shower gel ($9.95 to $28.95 for different sizes) for a couple of weeks now, and have nothing but good things to say about it. Like other LUSH shower gels I've tried, it has a superior lather but doesn't dry out skin. The honey and lotus flower scent is sweet and mild. And although I haven't worked up enough of a sweat to vouch for it, I'm pretty sure that the honey's antiseptic properties are beneficial for fighting B.O.

The Fair Trade Honey shampoo ($9.95 to $29.95 for different sizes) is aptly named: over half the formula is composed of fair trade honey currently sourced from Zambia, which bodes well for restoring moisture to parched locks. Like It's Raining Men, this shampoo has a sweet, natural scent that never seems cloying. So far, I'm digging how this shampoo leaves my hair soft, healthy-feeling, and residue-free post-shower. A few spritzes of leave-in conditioner and heat styling spray afterward, and I'm good to go.

Have you tried any of LUSH's honey-infused beauty products?


  1. I've actually been meaning to try It's Raining Men forever!

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  2. I l-o-v-e It's Raining Me, it smells like honey and candy.


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