This Is For You, WendyB

When Wendy and I met up at Pio Pio, Halloween came up in the conversation and I described for her one of my favourite couples costumes from the GOTO Halloween Bash. She exclaimed, "You HAVE to post pictures of it on your blog!!"

So, without further ado, may I present Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise with little Suri.

Her shirt says: "I <3 Tom." His says: "I <3 Scientology."

The aforementioned phrases continue on the backs of the shirts. His shirt: "...And men." Her shirt: "...Help me!"


  1. This is one of the funniest halloween costumes I've seen in like... forever! I must show my sister as she too feels the same as me about this duo.... nauseous every time we see them.

    Great post, and great little blog you have here.


  2. What a great pair of costumes! Really clever!

  3. This is brilliant! Love it. Wow, Suri is a tiny kid ;-)

  4. Great costumes! I love it!
    ps- We've added you to our blogroll ;) Thanks, Lisa!

  5. wow that costume is genius and funny!


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