A Bientot, Paris

I know it seems like all I did was shop my way through three cities, but I did do other things as well. Here's a small sampling of what I got up to in Paris.

I jumped for joy in front of the Arc de Triomphe.

I toured Versailles. (I don't know what's up with my "I have to pee" pose in that photo.)

I also toured Notre Dame while Sunday mass was happening. The acoustics in there are amazing; the choir and organ sounded great.

I hung out with Parisian bunnies in the bird market.

Strolling over one of the bridges that links the Ile de la Cite to Rive Droite is an absolute delight when it's sunny out.

Nancy, Cecilia, and I showed off our cancan kicks in front of the Moulin Rouge.

Nancy and I also gave The Thinker a run for his money at the Rodin Museum.

And, of course, who could forget the Eiffel Tower?


  1. Gosh, it looks like you travel a lot. I envy you!!!

  2. Natali, this was a madcap, once-in-a-lifetime "3 cities in 3 weeks" trip. I don't think I'll be travelling much in the coming year with the economic slowdown, though.

  3. great pics!!! you are SO HIGH in that first pic - you are like 10 ft off the ground! jumping pics are the best!!

  4. such great photos...and way to get some serious air in that jumping shot :)


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