Looking Back On Lisa: My All-Time Faves

These are the posts that catch my fancy or evoke pleasant memories. I hope you enjoy them, too.

The key to this chica's heart is Pablo Neruda time and again.

For all those who, like me, felt like utter outcasts in high school, let's commiserate over our inferiority complexes here.

After my big "3 cities in 3 weeks" trip and renewed resolve to exercise financial prudence, I'm unlikely to splurge big-time come Boxing Day like I did last year. At least I can remember how much fun I had shopping with my brother and MizzJ that day.

In February of this year, I lost my sample sale virginity.

I drooled over purses that had stylistic elements similar to those of the Chanel 2.55 but cost a lot less.

Among the various rants I've posted on this blog, the one on skinny-bashing is my hands-down favourite.

I tried modelling and discovered that it's harder than it looks on ANTM.

Ser naco es chido.

Out of the handful of beauty products I've reviewed, the Ecotools makeup brushes come out on top.

P.S. Stay tuned! Regular blogging will resume sometime this week or next week.

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  1. i have to yet to lose my sample sale virginity - i can't wait for it :)


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