London High Street Changing Room Chronicles (Vol. 2)

Vol. 2 seems like an anti-climactic finish to my first installment of London high street changing room pictures as there aren't many more photos left.

Miss Selfridge

Again, it was the prim Victorian quality of this top that drew me in. However, I didn't like how it draped around my hips and hid my waistline. Too sack-like once again.

I liked this skirt enough to buy it, then after trying it on back at my hostel, thought better of my purchase and returned it the next day. I didn't like how the stitching seemed to be coming apart even before I'd worn it.

Dorothy Perkins

I bought this top and returned it the next day as well. Once I got back to the hostel and tried it on again, I noticed the bows were only stitched on the top half but not the bottom; they flapped about. Not good.


  1. Hehe maybe you are too skinny for European sizing! I noticed that items, especially shoes, were a bit too big for me when I was there.

  2. I like the top part of the blouse in the first picture. The little pink flower was kinda cute, but I am agree. The hips part wasn't really nice.

  3. i really like that last shirt! but it's a really good thing you examined all your purchases afterwards!

  4. Agreed on that first top--the neckline is fantastic but anything that tapers in at the waist looks awful on me. Bummer.


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