NYC Cheap Thrills

Off the top of my head, I can name a host of exclusively American stores that inspire consumer's envy among us Canadian chicas: Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works, Forever 21, Target, Abercrombie & Fitch, Anthropologie, etc. I got my first taste of Anthropologie on Thursday when I ventured into Soho. Today I got to relieve some more of that consumer's envy while satisfying my desire for cheap chic: I went to the Target at Atlantic Junction in Brooklyn and the Forever 21 in Union Square.

The "buy for quality and longevity" attitude that I now have has spoiled these stores for me. I poked and prodded, examined tags for fabrication details, pulled at seams and buttons with the utmost dubiousness. There were racks of things I didn't even want to touch or look at. And of the cheapie wool coats I would consider for a fleeting moment, none of them felt as nice or looked as good on the hanger as my new Anthropologie coat.

Despite my misgivings, I wound up with tons of stuff I tried on in multiple fitting room sessions. A pile of a dozen plus items narrowed down to 3 from each store. Here's my haul for today.


This Mossimo jacket with a high collar, blossom-embellished silver buttons, and silver-and-white fabric was one of the first items I reached for, and one of the only ones I kept after my fitting room sessions. It'd look great with a black tee, jeans, and flats.

I like how this top looks very demure from the front, but from the back you can see an exposed zipper--just a slight touch to toughen up the sweetness.

This Mossimo skirt looks best with a top tucked in so that the pleats and gathers around the waist are visible. It looked great with the black top I bought!

Forever 21

I LOVE these high-waisted shorts with the sailor-inspired button details. When I tried them on, I was wearing tights and knee-high black leather boots; the combination looked amazing. But these shorts would look equally amazing with a white tee, a statement necklace, and black patent peep-toe heels and clutch at night, don't you think?

The navy top had some neat trim detail along the edge and a hood in the back. I bought the necklace to use as a statement necklace or as a belt on skirts, dresses, and jeans. If I ever get sick of using the necklace as a necklace/belt, I'm pretty sure I can take the chains off and glue the art deco-inspired pearl piece to a pin and turn it into a brooch.


  1. what amazing buys!! :)

    La C

  2. Love the necklace. The black items are a little hard to see the details on in the pictures, but I'm sure they're pretty sweet as well! Is that jacket easy to clean??

  3. MizzJ, the label on the jacket says machine wash, but I'm sure I'll be washing it by hand.

  4. I think as with most high street stores, it's about selecting the right pieces... good choices...

  5. forever 21 buys always make me happy too :)


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