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If you're small of stature and short on funds, consider making your next shoe purchase in the kids department. Although kids' shoes have their share of licensed garbage, the options are definitely getting more stylish and, dare I say, more adult. Last year, I found a pair of gold leather cork wedge sandals at Gap Kids which earned disbelieving looks from friends, family, and colleagues when I gleefully told them I was wearing kids' shoes. (Check out what they look like here.)

Other benefits of buying your footwear from the kids department include:
  1. Better fit: Women who wear sizes 6 or smaller and have difficulty finding shoes that fit narrow feet may have better luck in the kiddie department.
  2. Lower price: Kids' shoes cost less than adult shoes. Also, in BC you don't have to pay the PST (provincial sales tax) on children's clothing and accessories.
  3. More comfort: Kids' shoes are designed for active souls with growing feet, which means that the shoes usually have low heels and are fairly comfortable. I can walk anywhere and everywhere in the city while wearing my Gap Kids sandals.
If you still don't believe me, I'll let the following examples do the persuading for me.


Airwalk Sand Pine boot, $24.99

Smartfit wedge boot, $24.99

Smartfit lace kitten heel, $19.99

Smartfit gold chain flat, $19.99

Gap Kids

Patent mary-janes, $29.50

Button ballet flats, $29.50

Have you ever bought kids' clothes and accessories for yourself?


  1. Having been a gawky size 10 (adults!) in shoes since roughly the age of 10, alas I would have to say no. And kids clothes usually don't work either with a long torso or lengthy arms. Even adults-size clothes can be a pain to find.

    Was thinking of you last night when I discovered that my wrap dress, which shows a little too much in the front sans cami, looks equally wonderful *backwards*. Totally modest from the front and saucy skin on the backside. Of course, it helps the material is super stretchy. Try it.

    Hope you have a good day.

  2. I forgot to say: Holy crap! Since when did kids shoes come with substantial heels? Wouldn't those lace kitten-heels be kind of provocative not to mention totally impractical for a preteen.

    *shrugs and feels old*

  3. Very cute picks! I love shopping in the kid's department. It's basically the only place where I can find flats that fit my narrow ankles. Now I really want those green flats and the gold chain one! Man kids are so much more stylish than we were back in the day.

  4. I really cant imagine a child wearing the second boot, if I do see one, that is once chic ass child. Anyways, that is great advice, and while I personally can't utilize due to having wide ugly feet, its great advice I can pass onto my friends.

  5. Last summer I've seen so many cute designer shoes in children department. They were very beautiful and not so expensive as all other shoes. ;)

  6. Thanks, Lisa! That is a great tip!

  7. They sure are crunch can b such a pain on our feet sometimes... ;)

  8. Very cool idea, L! Love the green flats... I like to buy skirts in the kids dept. J. Crew has some adorable ones for girls that totally fit and are just as sophisticated as womens' but cost far less!
    Happy turkey to you too!


  9. Ah! I wish my feet were just a teeny bit smaller. Kids have the cutest shoes.

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  11. awesome post :) I try to buy kids sized shoes as much as possible and I'm going to be hunting the kids depts when I'm in the states this christmas! I'm really short (4'11!) so I ship kids depts a lot... my true religions and sevens are from there because the women's sizes don't fit me properly! I'm a shoe size 4-4.5 kids and 5.5-6 womens! Just in case any ladies are wondering how to figure out your kids size you subtract 1.5 from your women's size!

  12. Definitely - gotta love my 5.5 feet.

  13. Kimbot, that's a great tip--I never even thought of buying premium denim from the kids section!

  14. i really love ur skirt and all the black and white in everything! and damn, those smartfit flats are so cute! i wish i had smaller feet! :) xoxo

  15. i loooove buying stuff from jacob junior! no tax either! but they shut it down in metrotown lately :(... i never tried buying kid's shoes- i'm going to look into that next time! thx for the tip!

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  17. Awesome post, Lisa! Yay for small feet~ ;)

    I'm actually planning to shoe-shop once my exams are done, so your post has given me a good preview of what's out there in the kids dept. I love the black payless boots-- and they're so cheap too! And the flats are UBER cute!! :)

  18. Miss Greentea, one of my friends has the adult version of those boots in brown and she wears them all the time, so they're definitely comfy! As for the flats, I tried on a pair in a purple ombre patent leather at Payless last week and had to tear myself away from them. Purple ombre patent leather--in the kids department! So unexpectedly stylish.

  19. I love to buy best and comfortable kids clothing from Gap Kids...


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