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Working Girl shows us that a lack of common sense, sensitive workplace information, and Facebook do not mix. Seriously, I read this post and thought it was pretty miraculous that this guy didn't get disciplined or dismissed.

Help WendyB decide which hue her J. Crew corduroys should come in!

La Couturier's surprise package of Chanel beauty booty and other goodies makes me wish I had a generous aunt who could hook me up with freebies.

A picture's worth a thousand words: I tried to discuss Latin girl chic in one of last year's posts, but the Sartorialist shows us what it really means with his most recent series of photos, all taken in Rio.

Jennine from The Coveted writes an uplifting post about fighting off fashion blogger envy. Read it, love it, and bookmark it so you can go back if you need a pick-me-up.

Broke and Beautiful discusses the magical ensemble equation that will let you wear dresses in winter without freezing to death.

Ever heard of the site Postcards From Yo' Momma? Lovely blogger Teresa Wu recently launched the Asian equivalent, My Mom is a Fob. Keep the tissues handy for the tears of laughter that are sure to come.

Ambika makes the cutest apron ever. Must think of Jennine's words and refrain from envying her sewing skills...


  1. That Facebook story is ridiculous. I always wonder why they call it "common" sense since it's not common at all!

  2. im goin to read these on lunch break! thanks for the links! :) xoxo

  3. omg MY MOM/DAD IS A FOB is the best thing ever. i've never laughed so hard before! i got one of my dad's email on there - i was so proud!


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