How Do You Wear It: Pencey Blazer

In this edition of "How Do You Wear It," MizzJ and I both create outfits around the Pencey blazer from

You can read about her romantic summer outfit - based on the black version of this blazer - here.

I, on the other hand, was more interested in the white version of this blazer. The triangular button-down flaps on the exterior shell create the illusion of a slimmer waistline, while the built-in vest adds dimension and interest. The Pencey blazer combines tailored elegance with an almost costumey flair. It was this costumey flair that intrigued me most. From the moment we decided on the Pencey blazer for our next edition of HDYWI, my thoughts jumped to Gwen Stefani's Alice in Wonderland-themed music video for "What You Waiting For." I envisioned this blazer as part of an ensemble for one of the Mad Hatter's tea party guests. It would be haute couture meets Harajuku girl: feminine, fabulous, fantastical.

First off, I'd wear the blazer as it's pictured above (the vest buttoned up with nothing underneath), and counterbalance its sharp masculine lines with the 'Flute Song' skirt from Anthropologie ($153.14), a full flowy embroidered number that has cutaway details and floating peonies all over. The picture below just doesn't do the details of this skirt justice; go to the website and play with the zoom feature on the image to see for yourself. Just be careful with spills when wearing it to a tea party as crazy as the Mad Hatter's because it's dryclean only!

Next, it's all about the accessories. I love these 'Gina' pumps from Kate Spade because they're bow-festooned but not too froufrou.

To tie together the look from head to toe, I'd echo the black bow detail on the pumps with this black feathered headband from Forever 21.

Then on to Urban Outfitters for some more affordable yet whimsical finishing touches! These etched glass drop earrings ($16.99) are simple enough to complement the outfit without being too distracting. But they're still elegant and, in my mind, very Victorian.

In keeping with "dainty, Victorian, not too distracting," I'd also add this swallow and cage brass necklace ($34) by Erica Weiner.

So, where would I wear an outfit like this if I don't find myself going down a rabbit hole and hanging out Mad Hatter-style? Why, to high tea at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, of course.

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  1. I love that Pencey blazer. I wish I could see it from the back. is having a sale today on this line. I was looking through the sale and there is so much stuff at up to 75% off. I got myself a couple of cute new dresses.


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