Marisa K Trisha Dress

To tell the truth, I'm not usually a fan of most of the apparel on One embellished streetwear piece here or there can do wonders with a wardrobe full of basics, but the edgy streetwear aesthetic behind most of their clothes puts me and my Audrey Hepburn-worshipping sensibility off sometimes. I have to consciously pep talk myself into browsing pages and pages of oddly cut dresses and overly embellished tops to find something I might really love.

Patience paid off this time around in the form of the Marisa K Trisha Dress. The demure details in the front first caught my eye, as well as the raspberry purple hue of the leaf motif and the belt - very flattering on medium-golden Asian skin tones. The more I looked at the dress, the more I found to my liking. The wide belt cinches just a little above the natural waistline at the smallest part of a woman's body, and the delicate draping skims over the body without creating too much volume, subtly outlining a slender silhouette. The drapes in the hemline play off the bubble hem trend without being too "bubbly." I also love how the dress looks different from every angle: from the front, it's so demure it seems like a whimsical take on a Park Avenue Princess ensemble; from the sides, you can see that the belt unexpectedly delves under the fabric of the dress; and from the back, the oval cutout and the belt closure look sexy and stunning.

At $292.12 in Canadian dollars, the only thing I don't like about it is the price tag, but then again it is 100% silk.

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  1. Gorgeous dress! I love the draping and the ingenious belt too. The back cutout is sexy, but I wonder what sort of bra one could wear with this dress? Perhaps pasties are in in order?


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