Lisa's Most Coveted List

5 things I'm loving or lusting after right now.

1. Tide to Go stain remover pen. Last Tuesday, I received a text message on my startlingly loud cell phone just as I was mid-gulp with a huge mug of coffee and engrossed in whatever was happening on my computer monitor. The noise scared me so much I jumped and coffee sloshed onto my desk, keyboard, and my pristine white cotton tank. I called the person who texted me just to vent; she felt bad about the accident even though it wasn't her fault, and at the end of the conversation suggested I run to the nearby Shoppers Drug Mart for a Tide to Go pen. Brilliant! It was so easy to use and dried much quicker than my feeble attempts at blotting the coffee out with a wet paper towel. My tank top is sparkling white once again and you would never know I'd been such a klutz.

2. Lacoste 'Orissa' flat in white, $145. I think this must be the Holy Grail of casual flats. Sleek, simple, and oh so versatile, in soft pure white leather. What's more, the elasticized heel won't slip off my small feet and the inside is lightly padded for extra comfort. I can't wait until my shopping sabbatical ends so I can scoop up a pair as this is sure to become a year-round wardrobe staple. God forbid I spill coffee on them.

3. Coach heritage stripe medium beauty case, $78. I'm a bit of an OCD neat freak when it comes to being organized and that certainly extends to the insides of my purses. One of the main reasons why I can't stand most hobo bags is that, from a practical standpoint, all the stuff you throw into one seems to disappear in some time-space vortex at the bottom of your purse, leaving you scrambling for your wallet to pay for your skinny French vanilla latte as the barista glares. One way to keep organized is by buying a wristlet or pouch and putting smaller items (compact, mints, tissues, lip gloss) inside. The next time you fish for your ringing cell phone, there'll be less stuff to circumnavigate.

4. Cashmere! I definitely have my heart set on a couple of basic investment-piece sweaters come fall.

5. The Chanel purse! Duh.

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