Plenty of Purses Under $480 (Part 2)

My finds in today's post are definitely a big jump up from the price points of yesterday's finds. They're for the girl who's looking for a quality investment piece and willing to splurge on her handbag purchase but not break the bank. So, without further ado, let's get started!

Flatiron embossed long-shoulder bag from Banana Republic, $179. This beautiful golden yellow bag features silver hardware, a unique lizard-embossed leather texture, and sleek styling. Pair it with neutral outfits and it definitely packs a punch.

Stuart Weitzman cobalt nappa 'Nite Fan' clutch from Bluefly, $239. I have a particular weakness for cobalt hues this season. The pleats in the leather and the statement handle/clasp echo the motifs of the clutches in my earlier post.

Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Airliner Jacquard - Magazine' clutch, $258. I love this clutch for its ingenious design. When fully open, it's large enough to fit a magazine inside (hence the name), but it also folds down to a compact clutch when you don't have that much stuff to carry. There's something about the patterned signature fabric and sporty stripes that makes me think of the glamorous yet politically incorrect days when flight attendants were called stewardesses and people actually dressed up before getting on a plane.

Coach Soho leather hobo, $268. This bag tortures me with its complete and utter desirability every time I go to the Coach store "just to look." My only consolation as I contemplate how buying it would go against my shopping sabbatical is that white leather is very hard to keep clean.

Coach Heritage Stripe Tattersall tote, $298. This bag doesn't leave me sleepless at nights like the Soho leather hobo because I have this exact bag in the brown signature Coach canvas with green accents. Nonetheless, I am such a sucker for the Tattersall print and the youthful girliness of the pink.

Cole Haan 'Village Soft' ruched satchel, $395. I think I have a weakness for this bag just because it resembles the RW & Co green canvas/white leather bag I gave away recently. However, the buttery-soft-looking pebbled leather makes this satchel a step above my old one.


  1. I love the yellow bag although personally I'm holding out for a leather kairos soho bag:

    I love this brand!

  2. Oops, get rid of one of the https and that link should work.

  3. Oohh those bags are so you! They'd look great with your bright blue and green shoes.

    I'm still holding out for Chanel. Month #2 of the shopping sabbatical begins!

  4. haha are you referring to my new sleek RW&Co bag? ;) I thought you didn't like hobo bags! Nice to see you're coming around to their slouchy hotness. For myself lately, the slouchier and scrunchier the better it seems.

  5. Haha "coming around"? The Coach hobo I'm drooling over actually has the same silhouette as the Old Navy sweaterpurse I've had since fall...I don't know if that constitutes "coming around"!

  6. Oh I dunno, I seem to remember past MSN conversations where you said you weren't the hugest fan ever of hobos ;)

  7. LOL because everything falls into a lump in the bottom of the bag!


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