Eco Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011: Lav And Kush

Straight from New York and back home just in time for a fashion week! Last week, I had the privilege of attending Vancouver's inaugural Eco Fashion Week which was organized by The Vanguard PR and presented by Aveda. I've long observed that Vancouver seems to be a hotbed for sustainable and eco-friendly designers, but seeing local talent showcased in such a professional, organized event was truly something. This post is going to be the first of several this week recapping my favourite shows and looks.

The last time I reviewed a collection by Lav and Kush, I wrote, "With pieces ranging from girly to womanly, it's easy to see why Lav & Kush describes itself as the 'flirt of eco fashion.'" Designer Angela Saxena's flirtatious, feminine aesthetic is still very much present for spring in the form of ruffle-trimmed rompers and wrap dresses that drape and hug the female body. Longtime fans of this line will find a lot to love in Lav and Kush's wearable jersey pieces.

However, what's most interesting to me as a fashion observer is seeing how Saxena has grown as a designer from season to season. In each collection, she seems to have a handful of pieces where she tests different techniques and probes the boundaries of her "flirt of eco-fashion" look. Her experimentation has produced some standout separates: a taupe dress with skillful drapes and pleats veering off in different directions, structured shorts, and a little cornflower blue jacket that would go perfectly with any sun dress.

One of the joys of following designers from season to season is seeing what they'll do next, and I look forward to seeing Lav and Kush's future offerings.

All photos in this post by Wayne Mah.


  1. Love these looks and the fact that an eco fashion week even exists! That taupe dress is so gorgeous - I love anything draped and pleated!

  2. What a great concept for a fashion week! Love eco-friendly designs :)

  3. So gorgeous -- all of it.

    Three cheers for Eco Fashion Week.


  4. so sad i missed it b/c of work obligations. looked like a great show. totally busts the myth that eco can't be stylish!

  5. im loving the rich colors!!

    stop by sometime<3

  6. lucky u to be able to go to all these events. i already told u that i envy you. we should meet up once since u live in vancouver. i just discovered how fun it is to meet up with vancouber bloggers when i had so much fun with jen from her waise choice.

  7. Beautiful pieces, particularly that pleated dress

  8. I love all of these pieces! My fav piece is the taupe dress.. amazing.


  9. I love that second last look! Great coverage of the week.


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