Vlog: Favourite NYC Buys

In today's vlog, I'm highlighting my favourite purchases from my recent trip to New York Just a couple of notes:
  • My enthusiasm about the "Holy Grail of denim leggings" and "the perfect Thanksgiving pants" may have eclipsed my attempts at being articulate. The "bulge" I talk about is that annoying bulge that a zip fly creates over your abdomen when you wear longer tops that cover your skinny jeans.
  • As much as I love how the drawstring waist on the Uniqlo denim leggings feels, I hate the way it looks. These leggings can be worn as pants, but only with longer tops or tunics that cover the waist.
  • The video compression may have obscured the leggings and made them look a lot darker. For a better look, here they are on the Uniqlo website. They're $19.90 US.
  • I have a pet theory based on the Pythagorean theorem that the heel height (a^2) a woman can tolerate is based on the length of her foot (c^2, or the hypotenuse). Since I have small size 6 feet, in my experience I can't do heels more than 3" high, and even then the sole needs to have some sort of platform. Hence my remarks about the Prada heels being an engineering miracle.


  1. These vlogs are really cool :) A lot more fun than a written post especially when you are showing off the purchases and not having to take a bazillion photos of them

  2. I really love the Prada shoes! It's really cool they give you to two shoe bags to keep your shoes in :) Also, I really like the faux fur scarf because it has that awesome split in it. Nice finds in NYC.

  3. OMG The Prada shoes close up are even more amazing! You're so cute, I love the apron :) Great NYC find Lisa and another great vlog xoxo

  4. I have that same theory too with shoe size/heel heights! I'm a size 5, and four-inch heels for me are definitely steeper than for someone with size 8 feet. The quality upgrade with designer shoes is so worth it though... my Giuseppe Zanotti flats came with just one shoe bag (with two compartments) but craftsmanship was impeccable... even the tissue paper in the box felt more expensive, lol.

    I want that that Uniqlo scarf, so cheap!

  5. Nifty stuff!

    I like the scarf, and I can't believe it was only $11!

    I also can't believe you wear such a nice apron to cook! You must be a very careful cook to make sure it doesn't get too terribly dirty.

  6. Great Vlog! I especially love those gorgeous shoes!

  7. AH! The Pythagorean theorem... it was featured prominently on the math section of the GMAT. Well, actually, it's really the only thing I remember, because my brain felt like a squeezed sponge afterwards...

    I love that scarf, and i'm kind of regretting not getting one for myself when we were at Uniqlo.

  8. Great vlog and lots of love to your Pradas! Looks like you found lots of goodies in NYC, but I'm not surprised hehe. Love the fur scarf too. I bought a similar one from Joe Fresh and I love it.

  9. I adore Uniqlo-their jeans are just the perfect skinnies. I'm stocking up in December when I go to Tokyo!


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