Today's Outfit: So Schoolgirl

  • Blazer and patterned plum tights (Gap)
  • Tie-neck bow-print blouse (H&M)
  • Shorts (Forever 21)
  • Bag (vintage Coach)
  • Swear rings (Wendy Brandes)
  • Black patent oxfords (American Apparel)

With Asian genes on my side, I tend to "look like I'm twelve" (to quote the boy) when I wear something too cutesy, so these days I'm actively trying to wean myself off of looks that skew toward the young side. This blouse is definitely on the edge of "too cute" territory, but in the end I decided I liked the print and detachable black bow too much to care.

Maybe I should accept that these sorts of items work for me and stop fighting it, and instead try styling girlish items in a more adult way. I tried doing that in this outfit by pairing the blouse with patterned tights, purple lipstick, and swear rings. But it needs more than subtle touches and accessories to look grown-up. The next time I wear it, I'm thinking denim leggings, a teal long-sleeve tee underneath the blouse, and motorcycle boots.

Do you ever find yourself gravitating towards a style you're trying to stay away from? Do you just embrace it or do you actively try to shift your personal style in another direction? How do you deal with it?


  1. I think you look great! Love your school girl-esque look.

    I find that lots of my family members tell me I look young when I dress, but I honestly don't mind! I just try to wear what makes me happy.

  2. The swear rings by Wendy are so bad ass. I really want a set. :) Hopefully one day. I also like the bow top on you. You look so sweet today. Hope you're have a great day!

    xx Love & Aloha

  3. I adore this look! Totally an outfit after my own heart. I love bows, ruffles, etc. so I'm often too cutesy.

  4. Your outfit is totally adorable!! I love the shirt! And that ring is pretty bad ass!

  5. I think this is fab on you, Lisa. The swear rings definitely give it an edge!

  6. lol yeah I know what you mean. I used to hate looking like I'm 12 when I was 18, but now that Im much older...I'd rather look like I'm 12 than 42!

  7. I love the outfit Lisa, especially that blouse. I suffer from looking young as well, but if that's what we're comfortable in, then we should rock it! Regardless, you look lovely :) Have a fab weekend xo

  8. Great outfit and I must admit there are definitely good and bad things about asian genes. Looking young is one of the good ones. :)

  9. When I tend too think that my outfit is too cute (I own a lot of bows), I try to glam it up with hair and make-up. A dark seductive lipstick and messy hair usually does the trick.

    But I do love your outfit and you look at least 17 in it. LOL.

  10. Saucy schoolgirl...I dig it! And you know I love anything Wendy B!

  11. Yes, a very lovely look for school!! :) I like you! Are we already follower of each other? ^^

  12. When you're 40 and all your non-Asian peers look their age and you still look 25, you are going to THANK your Asian genes! =)

    I love the schoolgirl look. What a lovely juxtaposition that style is with the swear rings! Innocent, but with some edge. Edgy, but still wholesome. Great and innovative balance here! As always, loving your styles.

  13. The bow-print blouse is ridiculously cute! I really like it!

    I think I would wear the "school-girl" outfit more often, but I wore a uniform all through high-school, and I'm not sure if I'm ready to revisit those pieces quite yet :)

    Thanks for sharing your outfit :)

  14. thanks for the outfit look! i love the bottoms!



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