Product Review: Caress Whipped Soufflé Blackberry Cream Body Wash

Months ago, a publicist offered me the chance to try out Caress's new Whipped Soufflé body washes in Blackberry Cream (a blend of blackberry and vanilla) or White Peach Cream (a blend of white peach and silk blossom). With the fragrance of each variety described in such mouthwatering terms, how could I resist? I agreed and a bottle of Blackberry Cream body wash was sent to me a month later. Delectable-sounding scent aside, this product also promises superior moisturization resulting in the silkiest skin ever from a drugstore body wash. Tall claims indeed for an affordable product that comes in a huge 443 ml bottle, and retails for approximately $5-10 Cdn.

I've been testing this product for the past two months to see if the moisturization benefits are as great as Caress claims, and I'm afraid they're not. To be fair, a body wash doesn't have a chance to absorb into skin like lotion does. On days when I skipped lotion and only used the body wash my skin definitely felt dry and tight. The fragrance was also a letdown. I was expecting something sugary, gourmand, and delightful, but the blackberry scent reminded me of the berry-flavoured Bubblelicious gum I used to chew in elementary school more than anything else.

However, this is a good option if you're on the lookout for a basic body wash that delivers great value. Only a small quarter-sized dollop is required to achieve a rich lather, which means it will last ages. I also like how the bottle stands upside-down so that you don't have to endure any "I keep squeezing and nothing comes out" nonsense. Just don't expect Caress Whipped Soufflé body wash to be a miracle in a bottle.

Has anyone else tried this body wash? What do you think of it?


  1. I love your honesty in this post-- it's true, I don't know that I've ever had a body wash that lives up to its claims of silky soft skin! beautiful, touchable skin! (all that various language they're using to describe each new one).

    That bottle though... that's what is really worthwhile in a bottle of body wash. Or shampoo. Anything that you can use in the shower. Plus you can only use a dollop? Those two qualities may get me to try it afterall.

  2. Lisa, I love your VLOG in the post below. You are so articulate and (sadly) that's very rare to find especially in the fashion blogosphere! My favourite purchases that you listed were the Prada shoes and the fur stole. Can't believe you got it for only $10, what a STEAL!

    One question: is your shirt from Jacob? :)

    Have a lovely day!

  3. i havent tried it but i need to get some cause just ran out of it so i will check this one out. thx for the review.

  4. Jen, thanks for the kind words about my vlog! My shirt's actually from H&M. :)


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