Today's Outfit: Joe Fresh VIP Party

Billboards and lookbook images have been plastered all over town for months now, and after a lot of anticipation, the Joe Fresh flagship store at 540 Granville St. finally opened on Wednesday. On Saturday they celebrated the opening with a huge street concert followed by a VIP party at night.

I'm almost embarassed to admit that the party was my third time in the store. On Thursday (the second day the store was open), I did a walk-through and came out with trouser socks, then returned later that night and got a pair of black motorcycle boots that reminded me of Frye boots. Fans of Joseph Mimran's line of affordably priced clothing and accessories won't be disappointed. Tees, tights, and cardigans in a variety of colours are available, yes, but so are on-trend items such as skinny cargos, faux fur jackets, embellished tees, and skinny patent belts. The price points will also gladden the hearts of fashionistas on a budget. For example, leather boots and silk tunic tops are available for under $100, the skinny belts are $6, and tights are only $5 a pair.

I always say it's a good party when you forget to take photos, and true to form I only have a handful from Saturday evening.

Fellow bloggers Alicia and Nicole were just a couple of the familiar faces I ran into.

The store was packed with media and fashion industry insiders. Among the guests present were Lisa Tant from Flare magazine, model Irina Lazareanu, and Joseph Mimran himself...

...whom I just had to ask for a photo. He was very gracious.

So, since this is an outfit post, I bet you're wondering what's underneath the teal Togs coat, aren't you?

  • Lace top and black pencil skirt (CiCi)
  • White cami (Zara)
  • Black tights (Dynamite)
  • Necklace (Forever 21)
  • Heels (Prada)
  • Purse (vintage, Saks Fifth Avenue)

I considered wearing the Joe Fresh motorcycle boots to the party, but I hadn't sprayed them with stain repellant yet (which I always do with new leather and suede shoes). Instead I took advantage of the sunny but chilly weather and wore the Prada suede booties I bought in New York. You'll hear more about both pairs of shoes in the vlogs slated to appear on my blog later this month!


  1. Very classic outfit :) Adore your Prada shoes!

  2. Looks like such a great party! And the store sounds so tempting - can't wait to see your motorcycle boots. Love your look... so very elegant and chic. That lace top is gorgeous!

  3. I like the outfit! Very chic and elegant.

  4. hahaha a while ago I went to the grocery store here Loblaws which is owned by the superstore they have a whole section of Joe, so I started looking at it and my friend was like "what the heck are you doing buying clothing where you buy your produce and meat from?!". I too thought it was weird that they are selling them at grocery stores here. but if it's in a ledgit store then it's a different story I guess :)

  5. Such amazing booties! I would wear them to bed.

    It's always a pleasure running into you Lisa!

  6. Yay Prada booties! :) I knew exactly which style you were talking about when you described them to me before. Hehe. And you're right, they are a classic shape with a nice twist. I think wearing different-colored tights with them would be fun!!!

  7. your outfit is so cute, i adore your shoes! glad to hear you had a good time (:

  8. HAHAHAHA the photo of me with 2 drinks and Nicole on her phone is so classic! I'm so glad you wore the suede booties, you looked gorgeous on Saturday! Always great to see you, we should all get together again soon xo

  9. Loved your outfit that evening Lisa! So chic and polished. Very sophisticated. LOL at that photo you took of me and Alicia. I'm such a Twitter addict!

  10. Sooo cool! a photo of you and Joe Mimran!

    Love your Prada!


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  11. You looked sooooo beautiful. Another killer F21 find!

  12. You look so pretty in these photos! Omigosh~!

  13. I used to love Joe, their prices were so good and the quality wasn't bad. I feel like they've recently been making crappier clothes for more. I hope they turn things around.

    Love your outfit.. & the color of that coat!

  14. I am so jealous right now. Looks like a great party!


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