Product Review: Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter

January's usually a sobering month for finances. As soon as the Christmas decorations come down, thoughts of income taxes and RRSP contributions invade. Then there's the New Year's resolutions to save more money: pack lunch more often, cut down on shopping, etc.

All this belt-tightening might prompt beauty lovers to start scouring drugstore aisles for their product fix, which is why I'm going to be reviewing the newest products by Revlon this month. I first saw Revlon's spring/summer 2012 offerings at the media preview they co-hosted with London Drugs and was pretty impressed, but I wanted to hold off on commenting until I'd had a chance to really try them.

Emma Stone in an ad for Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter

First up: Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter ($10.49 at London Drugs), a lipstick-balm hybrid that delivers moisture, glossy shine and sheer to medium colour in one swipe. Its combination of mango, shea and coconut butters purportedly boosts moisture as much as 156% immediately upon application. The result: smooth, lightly tinted, soft lips.

I was doubtful at first that ColorBurst Lip Butter would measure up to the lipstick-balm and lipstick-gloss hybrids offered by higher-end brands. After all, these sorts of lip products have been a major trend since last spring when Chanel introduced Rouge Coco Shine and NARS launched the Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil. Meanwhile, Ilia Pure Lip Care captured the hearts of organic beauty buffs in Vancouver and beyond.

But ColorBurst Lip Butter is pretty impressive compared to its more expensive counterparts. It moisturizes as promised. Usually I have to prime my lips with balm before applying lipstick, but with ColorBurst Lip Butter I only have to use one product. The colour I've been using, 'Berry Smoothie', is a brightening, flattering pink that looks pretty and natural.

While the moisturizing hint-of-tint formula doesn't disappoint, the packaging isn't as good as it could be. The translucent lid extends all the way down the tube, leaving only a thin black rim for fingers to grasp when removing the lid. I found it difficult to get a good enough grip on the rim and remove the lid initially; even now it's a tad harder to take the lid off ColorBurst Lip Butter compared to the other lipsticks I own. All in all though, it's not a bad lip product at all for $10.49.

Would you try a lipstick-balm or lipstick-gloss hybrid?


  1. There are so many good reviews on this product. Glad you liked it. The moisturizing factor alone got me.

  2. I can't wait to try it out. I've seen it everywhere and hear great reviews about it. I'm very lucky that my dear blogger friend from Portland will be sending some over to me.

    If so many colours, I wouldn't know which shade to choose. BTW, I'm still and always will be a loyal fan of Chanel Coco Rouge Shine but I'm open to testing out other lip butters at a cheaper price point.

  3. for the price it's pretty good, I do agree Revlon doesn't have sexy packaging compare to other brands but if it works it's better than something with fancy packaging but a dud!

  4. i am not a lipstick person but once in a while I wouldn't mind trying something new.

  5. I like the idea of tinted lip balms. :)

    Heel in Mint

  6. I've actually been loving all of my Revlon products from that night, they've all been amazing. I wear my lippie all the time, it's the perfect shade of brick red! Might have to grab another shade...or two :). Hope you're having a good week so far love!

    Alex xoxo

  7. I've in the past used a nude lip gloss/lip balm with moisturizer. I find the options targeted towards men to be subpar compared to to the wide variety of options available for women, and I have never particularly cared about taking care of me regardless of the possibility of offending someone's gender role sensibilities...

  8. I've got two shades, but they're both so light! It's impossible to find them around here... they're always sold out.


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