Happy Year of the Dragon

Photo by Paolo Camera

I wish I could say I have the day off to celebrate in style, but unfortunately I'm working and still getting over that horrible cold.

To all my readers who celebrate Chinese New Year, have a prosperous and happy Year of the Dragon!

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  1. happy chinese new year! wishing you all the best in this dragon year

  2. happy chinese new year! I think I'm getting sick too- my throat has been itchy all night last night and now i have a headache... though not sure if my headache is from being sick or accidentally fell off my bed and landed head first lol (long story)

  3. I'm also sick :(. So sad. Happy Chinese New Year to you as well, hope you can still celebrate even if you're feeling ill!

    Alexandra xo


  4. Happy New Year, Lisa! (Hope you get better soon.)

  5. Happy New Year, Lisa! I have to work and have a cold to - harumph! But I hope you're feeling better today and had a delicious meal last night!


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