In Praise of Short-Sleeve Sweaters

From top left corner, left to right, clockwise: Banana Republic short-sleeve button back sweater ($68), J. Crew cashmere tee ($148), Banana Republic sequin-pocket top ($61.99), Jacob short-sleeve sweater ($19.99)

As I mentioned in my last outfit post, I've become sort of obsessed with short-sleeve sweaters as layering pieces. I don't know if I'd wear one with bare arms or under a cardigan (that seems matronly). But they're perfect for adding a bit of warmth when worn over long-sleeve tees and button-up shirts and aren't as stuffily preppy as a sweater vest. A quality merino wool or cashmere number can last for years and be a wardrobe staple for many winters to come. And if you already have a neutral one in your closet, you can get one in a bright hue like orange, turquoise or fuchsia for a fresh take on a classic piece.

If you're shopping for the latest in spring fashions, a short-sleeve sweater might not sound like an exciting purchase. But if you're making an investment in your long-term wardrobe and you don't already have one, a short-sleeve sweater can be pretty exciting stuff.

Would you wear/buy one?

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  1. Ooo I love it, Lisa! I've always passed up short-sleeve sweaters because I couldn't figure how not to be too cold (bare arms in the winter) or too hot (heavy knit in spring). I love the idea of long-sleeved tees and button-ups underneath. I'm gonna try that next time I spot one!

  2. I love the idea of layering a long sleeve under short-sleeve sweater. Especially since I hate baring my arms since I get cold easily!

  3. I love short sleeve sweaters. they are the perfect layering piece.


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