Product Review: Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eyeshadow Quad

As promised in my last product review, January's product reviews will feature drugstore finds in light of the belt-tightening this month usually inspires (credit card bills, New Year's resolutions, etc.), and, in particular, Revlon's newest offerings. The next product up for review: their new ColorStay 16 Hour Eyeshadow Quad in 'Decadent' ($12.99 at London Drugs), which I received from the Revlon media preview.

Drugstore eyeshadows have disappointed me for one reason or another in the past: unflattering colours, too much shimmer, not enough pigment, little to no blendability. I wasn't expecting anything different from the ColorStay palette despite its lofty claims. Like almost every other eyeshadow, it supposedly stays put and blends easily without fading or creasing. Each colour-coordinated compact comes with a paint-by-numbers diagram on the back to show you exactly where to apply and blend each shade.

To get the full benefits of the ColorStay quad, you have to do what I did and forget everything you've learned about applying eyeshadow as a grown woman. There is little benefit in fussing around with multiple expensive brushes and primer. Instead, you should apply this stuff with the inexperienced zeal of a middle schooler. Use the sponge applicator that's included and load it up with as much shadow as possible.

But rather than streaking the shadow across your eyelids in straight lines and blending after, hold the applicator vertically and move it in small, vibrating circles from one side of the lid to the other. This vibrating motion blends as you go. It also happens to be the technique demonstrated to us at the media preview, and results in a perfectly blended eyelid with minimal fuss.

The ColorStay eyeshadows did give me crease-proof colour as promised, but I don't know about that "no fading" claim. Even though the colour remained until I removed my makeup at night, it did fade noticeably in intensity as the day wore on. Give this palette a shot if you're looking for a cheap thrill, but don't expect miracles.

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  1. Cool technique. I'm still learning the perfect way to blend.

  2. interesting. drugstore eyeshadows often disappoint me too, though I swear by NYX eyeshadows- they got lasting power and a palette is only $10 a pop!

  3. I'm kind of awful with makeup, as in all sorts of awful. So cheap thrills are basically all I've got. I think my Revlon palette that I got last year, or 2010 still looks barely used.

    It's a shame that the palette doesn't seem to really work though. Darn.

  4. Jess <3, totally know what you mean. My eyeshadow palettes all look fairly new because I don't wear eyeshadow that often.

  5. I love the colors. These palettes really help with application. They are nice to have.
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  6. There is little benefit in fussing around with multiple expensive brushes and primer.beautician


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