Today's Outfit: Thoughts on 2012

Who's as sad about returning to work and/or school after the Christmas holidays as I am? This was the first vacation in a long time where I didn't have to go anywhere or get anything done; I could simply do nothing. And what glorious nothingness it was! Days filled with big dinners, movies watched on screens big and small, glittery manicures, quality time with the boy, intimate gatherings with family and friends. The boy and I even managed to fit in a small day trip to Seattle, which is where I found this J. Crew wool pencil skirt on sale. (The Bloch flats were another sale purchase, but from The Block in Gastown.)

Now it's time to put my nose to the grindstone again. 2011 was such a big year. While blogging and freelance writing gigs kept me busy, I also switched jobs and began working at a new tech company. My relationship with the boy deepened and we're now at the point where we're talking about buying a home together. My goals for 2012 :

  • Professionally, I want to keep doing what I'm doing now, but better. That shouldn't be too hard with no shortage of hardworking and inspired individuals in my life whom I can emulate.
  • Personally, I want to take better care of myself by finding a balance between a hectic work schedule and my own fitness/nutrition needs. There were times in 2011 when I let the latter take a hit because the former was overwhelming. As a result, my overall well-being definitely suffered.
  • Financially, the boy and I are going to take our first steps towards buying a home. This means saving more money, finding a realtor, and getting pre-approved for a mortgage this year.
  • Fashion-wise, I want to stick to the adage "Buy less, but buy better." Sometime between my 2008 shopping ban (during which I stopped buying any clothes and accessories for 5 months) and now, I feel like I lost sight of that motto. The past few months have seen quite a few closet cleanings, prompting thoughts like "I could have saved all that money for something else!" I'd like to have a closet of well-loved pieces I wear often and find different ways of wearing, rather than random blouses and dresses that only see the light of day once every year or two years. Plus, learning to limit myself to a smaller, more versatile wardrobe is going to serve me well when I have to share teensy condo closets with the boy.

What are your goals for 2012?

P.S. Thanks to Julie of Pop Champagne for taking these photos for me! We had a great time hanging out on the afternoon of NYE. Clear skies, window-shopping along Robson and Granville, checking out the sale at The Room...what's not to love?


  1. Great goals and good luck with them! Buying a place is always quite exciting too. A big purchase like that will definitely make you think twice before spending on clothes and food. Worked for me ;)

  2. Happy 2012! E and I are also looking for a place this year, so I've got incentive to pare down my wardrobe, because I don't want the hassle of moving all that stuff lol

  3. THAT SKIRT! I want, I want, I want it! Love that colour.

    Happy New Year, Lisa!

    xo Kelsey

  4. Those are great goals! Buying a house, although stressful, can be a lot of fun.

    I think I am going to follow you and try to not buy clothes for the next two months. It will be tough but I need to have some control.

    Happy New Year Lisa!

  5. I like Julie's nautical looking jacket...

  6. Happy 2012! Going back to the work can be so hard after the holidays but at least a pretty outfit can brighten the mood. Love the color and shape of your J. Crew skirt. I've been practicing "buy less, buy better" and I can attest that it works and is so much better in the long run.

  7. Love that skirt with the navy...looks great :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. This is cute, I like the pop of bright pink and the details in the shoes.


  9. Lov the skirt color. Happy New Year! Good luck with your goals. Wishing you the best for 2012 :)

    Heel in Mint

  10. I think I need to enact the buy less, buy better motto. I too once started on that mission and then fell off the wagon.

  11. I'm so jealous you found that skirt on sale! I couldn't find anything but grey and black in the stores so I ordered the purple online. It's my FAVOURITE skirt for work-so cozy for winter and the colour is just great.

  12. Hey now that I see these outfit pictures I realized I walked right by you on Granville Street that day!

    Love the outfit, the skirt is very pretty and so are those flats.

    Your time off sounds wonderful. Nothing beats a quiet time where you can finally do the things you normally can't fit into your busy schedule.

    A Berry New Year

  13. Aw you ladies look absolutely lovely! And I'm dying over that skirt, the colour is beautiful. Good luck with your resolutions, they all sound well within your reach :)

    Alex xoxo

  14. good luck in buying a place! and yes I'm trying to buy less but better quality too... its a hard habit to break into that's for sure! hope you have a great 2012!

  15. happy new year! Love this outdoor photoshoot you did and that purple skirt just pops. Sounds like 2011 was a terrific year for you and even more to come in 2012.

  16. Lisa, love your ensemble! Happy 2012 to you!!!

  17. Ooh buying a new house... it's fun but prepared to be stressed!! Or maybe that's just me... because I'm so picky. :(

    I love your lavender skirt.. you always wear the boldest stuff.

  18. Happy 2012. This outfit is super chic, I love it!

  19. I'm all about "Buy less, but buy better." Although sometimes buying that one weird cheap item that's really not your style but you feel like experimenting with can be really exhilarating.

    Good luck with all the goals -- they seem reasonable enough to stick to.

    And look how adorable you look in your pink skirt!

  20. I love the color of your lips! Beautiful shade of red! I should definitely be exploring the world of lip color more. Do you have a favorite lip color you would recommend? I'm open to some pow color :)

    I'm a big Nars Orgasm Blush fan too :P It's my "safe" blush on days I don't want to do anything crazy!

    Wonderful goals. I wish you all the best Lisa =)

  21. i love the bright coloured skirt

    and wish you all the best in 2012

  22. I love the navy and purple combo. lovely.


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