Lisa's Most Coveted List

It's been ages since I've done one of my Most Coveted lists, so let's kick off the year with a list of 5 things I love at the moment, shall we?

1. The Laundress Wool and Cashmere spray (available at Kiss & Makeup) is a godsend for dryclean-only cashmere sweaters that are likely to shrink in the wash. The anti-bacterial, non-toxic formula contains cedarwood, pine needle oil, spices and lemon zest and is designed to repel moths, remove odor and condition yarns. Spritz some on your favourite sweater and steam it to cut down on trips to the drycleaners. This also brings me to the next item on the list...

2. The Rowenta steam brush (available at London Drugs) turned out to be $50 well spent this summer as I steamed my way through delicate silks, wrinkled shirts and creased bottoms without ever touching an ironing board. It's just big enough to steam an entire garment in less than a minute but small enough to travel well. If you're still contemplating whether to take the plunge and purchase a steamer, I highly recommend it. It'll be a game-changer in your laundry routine, promise.

3. As a hardcore stationery hoarder, it's pretty hard to resist the nostalgic charm of Rifle Paper Co. Florida-based illustrator Anna Bond infuses just the right amount of childlike whimsy and homespun stylishness into her greeting cards and paper products. Pick up a Valentine's Day card for your sweetheart or stock up on pretty all-occasion note cards.

4. Finding new ways to wear sterling silver jewelry I already own: creative, yes, but also a way to keep me from becoming bored and wanting to shop. Pictured above: Filou acorn necklace and bunny ring, Wendy Brandes squirrel necklace and exclamation point ring.

5. My Joules 'Evedon' wellies. I know I've already talked about them here and here. But whenever it rains really hard and I wear my wellies, I feel extra smug and cozy knowing that my feet and legs will stay dry.

P.S. If you haven't entered my Brave belts giveaway yet, do it now!


  1. Ooo yes, just love your wellies and get a twinge of jealousy whenever you mention them ;) And that cashmere spray is a cashmiracle! I've always been curious about the Laundresses' products.
    And I will always love Wendy Brandes jewelry- so beautiful and with a touch of whimsy!

  2. love that idea of the cashmere cleaning spray - need to get my hands on that.

    Your wellies are just delightfully girly!

  3. The Laundress is the best thing to happen to laundry since...I don't know what, but I love my Fabric Fresh spray.

    Rowenta steam brush sounds like a time saver. I have an old crummy steamer and need to upgrade.

    Rifle Paper Co. is my favourite stationary at the moment (I bought some over the holidays): whimsical and beautifully illustrated.

  4. I definitely need to get my hands on a steam brush, my mom told me to invest in one since I'm known for flat ironing my shirts first thing in the morning.

    Acorn necklace? Super adorable! Wellies? Double-y adorable! I want everything! Ha.

  5. Glad you're still enjoying the jewelry!

  6. I started being obsessed with steamers last month - in addition to taking my mom's steamer for home, I bought a travel sized one to take on trips!

  7. love that idea of the cashmere cleaning spray:)


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