Eye Candy: Pull and Bear

The last time I was in Mexico City, I fell hard for a store I'd never heard of before and stumbled upon in El Centro Historico, Pull and Bear. According to Wikipedia, Pull and Bear is a Spanish chain that was founded in 1991 and first opened stores in Portugal, Greece, and Malta. Today it seems as if Pull and Bear has stores all over the world except Canada and the United States (which needless to say, makes me more than a little sad!). Their clothes combine American casualness with a postmodern aesthetic and a dash of European polish, and they're definitely aimed at young style-conscious but casual urbanites who like to party. Their latest ad campaign features young partygoers dancing in head-to-toe Pull and Bear garb to electronica beats, and pithy quotes in Spanish about the nature of celebrity and the rise of the celebutante.

But it's not their latest ad campaign that interests me: what caught my eye were the black and white photographs in their 2007/2008 catalogue, the most striking examples of black and white fashion photography I've seen since I developed a brief but acute Rodney Smith obsession in my teens. I'm posting them here for you to enjoy. You can find the full catalogue at http://www.pullbear.com/.

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