Green and orange do go together!

For doubters out there, here's photographic proof. Consider this installment #2 of the St. Patrick's Day edition of Solo Lisa y Nada Mas.


  1. Ok, I checked this out on the computers at school and at home and here is my honest opinion as you asked - I don't like orange and green together. The colour combination just doesn't work for me. That being said, you shouldn't be so offended by what I say because fashion is about what works for YOU, not about who is "right" or "wrong". If we all agreed about everything, then fashion would cease to exist because it is all about expressing yourself, so of course there are going to be things we disagree upon - this is just my opinion so please don't try to "prove me wrong". I'm sure there are things I've worn that you've thought looked odd, but hey I love the fact that you are brave with your color combos! And I also find it hilarious that we get into such a debate over colors :)

  2. Haha fair enough. I guess I got opinionated because I thought it was such an unusual and smashing colour combination and we agree on so many other things it was bizarre when our opinions diverged. This goes back to what I said before when we originally debated orange and green: you tend to be more adventurous with trends (I'm not a legwarmer girl) and I experiment more with colour.

    Speaking of which, I think My Next Great Colour Experiment will consist of pairing the Coach bag with my black Chulo Pony dress, a purple longsleeved tee underneath, and chocolate brown tights. Green, purple, black, and brown. Fun!


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