Lovely Links

Bored at work on Easter Monday and looking for a bit of distraction? Here are some links that'll keep you entertained. Enjoy!

Local fashion blog/website The Style Spy provides interesting coverage of the latest spring trends from the urban safari look to the prim and proper prep-school girl ensembles that dominate this season.

If fashion isn't your thing (in which case why are you reading this blog?!), these videos from a Cincinnati newscast team will have you dancing. Literally. Even if fashion is your thing, watch the videos anyway and laugh your head off.

Leah McLaren is one of my favourite Globe and Mail columnists. Her column this week about the fine line between frugality and indulgence is hilarious and reminds me of that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie figures out she can't afford the down payment on her apartment but has bought $40,000 worth of shoes. It also provides shopaholics a bit of food for thought regarding what's worth spending a bit more on.

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