Sample Sale Heaven...for Guys

A while ago, a friend told me about the website which lists sample sales happening in several major North American cities. I checked the Vancouver events calendar on the website two days ago and discovered a wicked sounding sample sale happening a block away from my workplace. The sale is for Bigtime and features brands like J Brand jeans, Matinique, Mon Petit Oiseau, etc.

Well, I checked out the sale yesterday and it was somewhat disappointing for the girls. There were only 2 racks of stuff for girls and it was mostly sheer cotton tees and tanks, sheer tunic dresses, one or two pairs of jeans. One really cute pleated Mon Petit Oiseau skirt caught my eye, but at $90 after the price reduction it was still a bit more than I wanted to pay for a skirt I don't really need.

However, guys who complain about never having any luck at clearance and sample sales, take heart! The entire space is packed with shirts, sweaters, jackets, suits, and accessories for guys. My friend Lucas found a stylish black wool peacoat marked down 60%.

The sale is happening on the 3rd floor of 1028 Hamilton Street in Yaletown from Thursday March 27 to Saturday March 29. Further hours and details are available here.

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