Luxe Or Less: Chanel-Inspired Purses

I have a teensy confession to make: Ever since NYC and acquiring my beloved sunglasses, I can't stop thinking about Chanel. I've been obsessing over the beautiful clothes, eyewear, and jewelry on their official website. I looked up Chanel on Wikipedia and read about Coco's life and the history of the company.

In particular, I salivated over the handbags posted on The Purse Blog. Stylistic elements from vintage Chanel bags have survived to this day and become so iconic that other brands and designers have picked up on them and incorporated them into their own designs. These elements include:
  • Metal chain straps

  • Highly polished hardware

  • Quilted texture

  • Defined bag shape

At upwards of $1300 for a new one, an authentic Chanel purse is something that few fashionistas can aspire to or afford. Personally I don't know if I could ever bring myself to spend that much on a purse when it could probably buy a plane ticket to my next faraway getaway! There's no substitute for bona fide Chanel, but if you want a purse that has some of the same timeless stylistic elements, the versions below come pretty close for a more reasonable price.

Note: I'm aware that some of the options I chose are still pretty pricey. Nonetheless, the most expensive options below are still only a fraction of the price of a typical Chanel handbag.

Kooba slate lambskin 'Nina' small shoulder bag, $387 from

Steve Madden quilted shoulder bag, $48 from

Quilt flap wallet, $8.80 from

Juicy Couture 'City Girl - Jessica' bucket bag, $375 from

Juliana Jabour Bosla drawstring bag, $352 from

Rock and Republic 'Cathy' clutch, $499 from


  1. i love chanel and is that your closet on the header, just wondering{

  2. I'm pretty in love with Chanel myself :)

    The picture in the banner is actually a picture of Carrie's closet from SATC which I've photoshopped and lightened. I'd love to have one like it someday!

  3. Great post! I love the Steve Madden bag - it's so affordable and chic! The JC bag is hot too and it's great how it incorporates elements of Chanel bags, yet is different enough to stand on its own.


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