Luxe Or Less: Black-on-White Prints

It's been ages since I've done a Luxe For Less post, and this one is very appropriate for spring. Three years ago, I bought a black-on-white floral print skirt from Ricki's that I've loved ever since:

Spring trends come and go, but there's something so chic, classic, and timeless about the combination of black and white for spring. It screams "garden party"...not that I've ever been to a garden party, or know anyone about to throw one anytime soon. I imagine the garden party crowd is a lot like Martha Stewart's posse hanging out in their rented beach houses on the Cape, the same sort who do New England clambakes...anyway, I digress. Garden party or not, black-on-white florals are a good work look. For university students out there, it's also a nice look for an afternoon graduation ceremony. (I wore this skirt with a black jersey top and black pumps for mine.)

Evidently I'm not the only who thinks black on white is fantastic for spring. Gucci's ready-to-wear spring line features a droolworthy frock priced at $1995. This look takes you from the garden party to the red carpet to the after-party at the club in the wee hours:

If $1995 is too steep for your pocketbook, fear not! A very cute frock is to be had from Anthropologie for $182.15. (Note: Anthropologie's prices fluctuate daily based on the most current exchange rates, so to get the best deal, check the day's exchange rate before you buy.)

And if you're still not willing to spend close to $200 to get the look, I suggest getting this cute skirt from Forever 21 for $19.80 and pairing it with a black or white tee:

You can use orange or yellow to break up the black and white, both of which are very in this season. You can also do what Audrey Hepburn did in My Fair Lady with her black-on-white outfit: add a touch of red--not in the form of feathers on a giant hat, but in the form of a handbag, belt, or shoe made of red patent leather. If you do go for red, I suggest going for a bright orange-based red rather than a burgundy (which is too much like a neutral).

Cole Haan "Air Elly" Mary Jane flat, $185 from Nordstrom

Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady (1964)

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  1. Ooh such pretty picks! I too am a lover of black on white - for whatever reason, it looks better than the reverse combination. Black and white combos also allow those of us who are more cautious about prints to experiment in a way that will keep us safe from making a horrible prints mistake.


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