Gap Inc.'s Hidden Accessory Gems

On Sunday, I had a couple hours to kill before I headed to salsa class, and what better way to kill time than to shop? I tried to restrain myself and not buy too much, but I did go to the mall with a specific goal in mind: the coloured enamel bangles at Old Navy which were on sale and reduced to $5.70. I ended up picking up a set of three red skinny bangles, a navy bangle, and a turquoise bangle:

I really like this colour combination and think it'd look great with this spring's preppy nautical-inspired clothes. I'm planning to wear my bangles with an all-white ensemble, or with a red and white striped tee and bermuda shorts.

As I was leaving Old Navy, I spotted these shoes but in a metallic gold leather - from Gap Kids, of all places:

Apparently Gap Kids can be a great source of cheap shoes for gals with small feet; I'd already learned to browse the kids' aisles in Payless if I found an adult style I liked in a too-large size, so it was very possible I could find a pair of metallic gold leather cork wedges in my size. Foregoing my initial skepticism about kids' shoes, I discovered to my delight and surprise that the shoes fit and were ridiculously in, "I could walk around all day in these and be fine" comfortable, which is rare for a heeled shoe. The wedge is 2" high but the raised platform around the toe makes the shoe feel a lot lower and therefore more comfortable. I guess this is because it's supposed to be a kid's shoe and kids' shoes aren't supposed to screw up growing feet. Anyway, they were comfy, cute, and only $34.50...what more could I ask for?

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