AE 1977 Open Neck Tee

Alright, so right after I said I was skeptical about neon in this post, I knew some neon-coloured item would come along and catch my eye and make me eat my words. (This is exactly what happened to me with skinny jeans; click here and here for the full scoop.) Anyway, last Saturday I made a rare sojourn to American Eagle Outfitters and saw this hot pink tee and fell in love. You know what? I'm wearing the shirt right now, and in it, I feel as hot as the hue.

Women's AE 1977 Open Neck Tee, $19.50

P.S. I've had some feedback regarding how my links are hard to spot because they're almost the same colour as the surrounding text, so I'm changing them to hot pink to make them stand out more. Yes, I'm loving the colour that much. :P


  1. The shirt is extra cool due to the history now linked to it.
    Do you actually now wear your skinny jeans a lot? I think I remember you putting skinny jeans down again not that long ago...

  2. omg... i'm such a hot pink freak right now too! my $5 "Cashmere" street scarf, MAC lipstick, and iPod are all obnoxiously hottttt. I was considering getting one of those macbook covers in the same shade too... :P

  3. miranym - It's definitely a refreshing colour at the moment! So bright and vibrant.

    Nancella - Haha you know the story behind the shirt too well! As for the skinny jeans, I don't wear them too often but that's only because I hemmed them a bit on the long side to wear with heels and I don't wear heels that often. I don't remember bashing skinny jeans recently, but I've always thought skinny jeans that are really clingy aren't that flattering on anyone. I like mine because they're slim cut but not superclingy around the calves and ankles.


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