Head Over Heels For A Hoodie

If I were one of the girls on SATC, I'd be a tad more adventurous than Charlotte but not gutsy enough to be Carrie. If I were one of the girls on Gossip Girl, I'd say my personal style aligns with Blair Waldorf's more than Serena Van Der Woodsen's. What can I say - I like the classics and just plain class, and there's always at least one trend every season that I'm deeply skeptical of (I have my reservations about the comeback of neon this spring).

And yet despite my resistance to trendiness, I can't help but be drawn to this Silence & Noise Later Days Racerback Hoodie ($54) from Urban Outfitters.

I think it's the unexpected details of this piece that get to me: the odd but effective combination of a racerback tank and a hoodie, the three-button cuff at the back, the subtle folds of fabric fanning out. Picture this hoodie layered over a striped long-sleeved sweater or a colourful turtleneck for chilllier days, or over a lace-trimmed cami or a tube top in the summer.

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