Army and Navy Shoe Sale: The 2008 Edition

The Scene

My Army and Navy shoe sale pilgrimage this year turned out to be very similar to my experience last year, which I blogged about here. Like last year, I chose to go around noon on the first day so that I could pick out some great shoes but avoid having to line up to get into the store. This time around, the sale boasted shoes from Steve Madden, O Oscar by Oscar de la Renta, Naughty Monkey, Bronx, and Ann Taylor among others. I had a bit more experience under my belt; I was going to the shoe sale during my lunch break at work instead of going straight after a final exam; and I was taking three A&N shoe sale rookies with me (the co-op students from my team).

The same chaos, crowds, and piles of shoes greeted us when we walked in, but this time instead of being overwhelmed like my accompanying rookies were initially, I dived right in, putting any pair that looked like a possibility into my basket to try on.

The Scoop

I learned a lot from my experience last year and remembered to wear shoes that could slip on and off easily. I also didn't wear anything thick or heavy because of how warm it can get in the basement, and I packed light, taking only my umbrella, cell phone, debit and credit card, bus pass, and employee security badge with me.

I think this year I also learned how valuable braving the sale with friends can be. While Nancy was browsing the larger shoe sizes, I spotted a brown satin Oscar de la Renta pump. It was love at first sight except for the unfortunate fact that I only had the left shoe. I combed the racks and looked under shelves but to no avail, when lo and behold, Nancy showed up holding a pair of those exact pumps in black and in my size! She explained that she'd found them hidden in the size 10 shelves. I would've never found them by myself, and I'm so happy that the shoe gods blessed me with a shopping companion who has a good eye. (I wonder if I can write that on her co-op evaluation: "Quick learner. Rapidly adapted to a challenging environment and flourished...especially in a shoe-induced piranha-like feeding frenzy environment.")

The Score

This post wouldn't be complete without pictures of my shoe haul!

O Oscar by Oscar de la Renta brown patent slingbacks:

Ann Taylor black patent platform heels:

O Oscar by Oscar de la Renta black satin bow slingbacks (aka the ones that Nancy found!):

Karen Elise black leather low wedges:

Here's what's so wonderful: the whopping total for all four pairs after tax was $151. If I were to pay full price for the O Oscar shoes or the Ann Taylor heels, that much money would've been just enough for one pair.


  1. I especially like the Karen Elise shoes (last pic). I would spring for a pair of those.

  2. Those were the cheapest ones of the bunch! They were only $25.

  3. Very pretty shoes


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