Carrie Bradshaw's Jewelry Looks

Eccentric, inimitable, eclectic...these are all words that can be used to describe Carrie Bradshaw's style on Sex and the City, which is as predictable from one episode to the next as the state of the world economy. Some of her fashion choices can make us gasp in admiration or gawk in disbelief. I'm not even going to try to do a "dress like Carrie Bradshaw" post like I did with Blair Waldorf because there's no way to sum up the wardrobe of an individual who switches looks every time she switches scenes. But in preparation for the release of the SATC movie next month (SQUEEEEE!!!! Can you tell I'm excited?), I'm going to round up some of my favourite Carrie jewelry looks here. Unlike her clothes, Carrie's jewelry choices are surprisingly classic and easy to integrate into an everyday look.

(Carrie's fabulous walk-in closet...I'm drooling!)

Costume pearls. In the episodes "The Agony and the Ex-tacy" and "The Real Me" from Season 4, Carrie is seen wearing multiple strands of costume pearls a la classic Chanel. I couldn't find a picture of her look from those two particular episodes, but rest assured it's not as over the top as the picture in the centre below, or as simple as the one on the right...just somewhere in between. Get the look with multiple strands of costume pearls from accessories meccas like Claire's, Ardene, or Xcetera.

Personalized name necklace. This is probably the most famous jewelry look sported by Carrie over the course of the entire show. I used to work next to a jewelry store that sold the cheap versions of the Carrie necklace, presumably like the one Carrie says she bought at a carnival, but alas by the time I got around to buying one they were sold out of Lisa necklaces. You can get a luxe 14K gold version of the Carrie necklace made to order from Patricia Field Online for $189, or a sterling silver version from for around $30.

Personalized bamboo hoops. This look screams ghetto fabulous. I've already posted about my love of Carrie's earrings here but they're worth mentioning again. The ones from the Patricia Field website are downright exorbitant for a pair of earrings which don't really go with the preppy/posh vibe of most of my clothes, but I spotted non-personalized pairs of gold bamboo hoops at Icing by Claire's which might be nice if you want to dabble with the look.

Oversized gold heart necklace. I love this piece of jewelry, which was featured in multiple looks in the Fleet Week episode where Carrie and co. go gallavanting with sailors in New York. It's bold and classic, fun and feminine. Unfortunately I can't find a picture of the exact necklace and my screen captures from the episodes don't render well. Get the look with this necklace from Coach ($98).

Oversized gold oval locket. Carrie wore this look in the Season 4 opener when the girls prepare for a friend's engagement party. Gold lockets are timeless and as sentimental a piece of jewelry as heart pendants...perfect for a romantic like Carrie. Search your local jewelry stores for a version that suits your taste.

Layered horseshoe necklaces. This was a recurring look in season 4: Carrie would wear cubic zirconia horseshoe necklaces layered on over another, one horseshoe necklace by itself, or two horseshoe necklaces layered with the famous Tiffany floating heart necklace. Order a set of three horseshoe necklaces from Emitations for $89.50 and work the look.


  1. Ooh I love that gold locket! Where did you find that? Gimme gimme!

  2. Haha I found it here:

  3. Her gold hoop earrings don't say her name. I've tried numerous times, but I can't tell what they say.


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