Animal Analogies and Other Small Inheritances

When you're young and hotheaded, you swear up and down you'll never turn out to be like your parents. So at which point do you realize that you have, in a way, and you accept it for what it is?
Take my similes, for example. Once, I replied enthusiastically to a request from my Stylefinds editor by emailing back, "I'm all over this like ants on a picnic table." I've also been known to say things like "I pack like a turtle and take everything with me" and call ditzy moments "bunny bear moments" (inside's cute when you know the story, trust me).

My mom's analogies frequently incorporate the animal kingdom too. Once, she hefted my March issue of Elle in-hand and said, "What is this magazine? It's as heavy as a chicken!" When she complains about the price of parking in Vancouver, it's about how she's fed the meter enough money to buy half a soy sauce chicken from our favourite roast meat shop in Chinatown. One of my friends crowed with laughter ("crowed," hehe) when I told her about the last one: "Your mom's hilarious! That must be where you get your one-liners from."

I've inherited other mannerisms as well, such as my mom's well-intended bluntness and my dad's ability (talent?) to fall into a comatose sleep after an hour in front of the TV. Without realizing it or intending to, I've absorbed some of their traits, and I don't mind it at all.

What sort of mannerisms--amusing or annoying--have you inherited from your folks?


  1. Haha hilarious post! You do say the quirkiest things sometimes :) Hmm as for my parents, I've definitely inherited a few things. From my mom it's her loud laugh, and tendencies to be gullible and to scare VERY easily. From my dad it's my cheapness haha - so what, he's an accountant!

  2. haha funny post! it's interesting how we pick up on things from our parents.

    my family calls a picky eater, a "snoopy eater". which makes no sense at all, but you know i say it anyways.

  3. Well lets see. My favourite saying from my mother is one I have not been able to use in 13 years...(oddly enough around the time I left Trinidad)... 'What is sweet in goat's mouth is sour in his backside'.


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