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Today I started off with no game plan in mind other than to go to Leicester Square for half-price theatre tickets and make my way to Covent Garden. However, vague plans have a wonderful way of straying until they don't resemble the original intention at all. I snapped some pictures of Trafalgar Square while it was still relatively deserted in the morning hours and got up the nerve to ask two Australian tourists to take my picture next to one of the trademark red telephone booths. These two Aussies, the lovely John and Dorothy, had just wrapped up a tour of the UK. We hit it off and they invited me to join their walking tour group. Not expecting Covent Garden to get busy until the afternoon, I agreed.

The walking tour took us through the cavalry grounds, St. James Park, and past Buckingham Palace. (It's a lot smaller than it looks on TV.) After the tour, I walked up the Mall and down the Strand heading to Covent Garden.

Now, remember yesterday when I said I was reluctant to shop too much because of serious price sticker shock? I may have spoken too soon. My spoils from the day include a pair of jeans from Whistles, a girly sundress found on the clearance rack at Topshop, and a little pot of bright blue eyeshadow from B. I'm still reluctant to whip out my credit card for every little thing, though, and I still don't want to buy anything I'd be likely to find back home for cheaper.

Covent Garden was winding down and I shifted gears, walking around Whitehall Place and the Parliament buildings. I made a wrong turn around Westminster Abbey and got lost in Westminster. Oops. Luckily, a kind gentleman smoking outside a neighbourhood pub pointed me in the direction of the Pimlico tube stop.

Next up for tomorrow: Buy a ticket for Dirty Dancing: The Musical; venture down Bond Street; and shop along Oxford Street. I've heard good things about Primark on Oxford Street and I'm really excited after seeing so many people carry huge Primark shopping bags around.

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  1. ooh topshop! don't worry about those purchases.. those are things that you cannot buy in canada so it's okay!


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