Bonjour Paris!

Last week, I booked my Eurostar train from London to Paris. I've been excited about London all along, but Paris feels a lot more real now that I know how I'm going to haul my ass there.

Will Paris hold the key to my heart à la Anastasia?

Even if it doesn't, I imagine I'll be running around gaping at everything like Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn à la Funny Face--minus the singing.

In any case, I'm probably raising my hopes up too high. Nance in France provides a more realistic look at life in the city of lights, including a list of things that suck in Paris.


  1. Bonjour, Lisa.... Exciting news! Lucky gal!


  2. Have fun! Dog poo is pretty chronic in lots of other European cities, too.

  3. i was lucky enough to see paris a couple summers ago on a graduation trip to europe. it is by far my favorite city in the world (at least that i've ever seen). you will love it!

  4. OOooh congrats your trip is going to be fab! i think i might go to southern europe this spring!

  5. How lovely.... Do drop by newly renovated Collete & Christian Liagre showroom if you are into gorgeous furniture... visit HERMES for the snobby sales people! have a nice trip dear*


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