Dear NYC

Dear NYC,

This is only my second day here and already I'm having far too much fun. Yesterday, lovely blogger WendyB took me around town and showed me sights I otherwise wouldn't have seen, me being a slightly ditzy tourist who never researches her travel destinations sufficiently. She introduced me to Allan of the upscale vintage store Allan & Suzi. It was there that I found these two skirts.

Oh, the shopping! Your Soho is fabulous. I never had a chance to drop by the first time around and instead (rather stupidly) expected Fifth Ave and Madison Ave to satisfy my shopping cravings. But the stores in Soho are much more relevant to me in terms of price range and lifestyle requirements. At the top of my wishlist were a pair of boots that could accommodate my muscular calves and that I could tuck jeans into, as well as a new winter coat to replace the pink peacoat I thought some alterations would resuscitate but never did. I found both within a 4-block radius. I was in paradise.

In a way, I blame the coat (and the credit card damage it inflicted) on Wendy. She looked so darn cute in her black and white plaid coat that when I saw a different version hanging in Anthropologie I had to try it on. The both of us had so much fun; I definitely want to get together with her again before I leave. Perhaps some Halloween shenanigans are in order?

But if we do go out, I'll be sure to avoid your Long Island iced teas. At home they carefully measure ounce shots into the glass, but here I think the bartenders just free-pour. My Long Island iced tea last night was stronger than what I'm used to--pretty much all tequila and very little Coke. By the time I went home I was drunkity drunk drunk drunk.



  1. Ahh!!!!! New York!!!

    Okay, so you MUST eat cupcakes on the upper east/west side at Buttercup. For THE cheapest dumplings ever--$1 for 4--Vanessa's in the lower east side. Sugar Sweet Sunshine in the LES also has amazing, amazing banana pudding that I would die twice for. Shopping in the LES — there are awesome little boutiques that you would love on Orchard st. and surrounding. I also fell in love with this little vegan cafe called Teany. And one of my favorite restaurants was Cafe Asean on 10th St for something yummy but reasonably priced.

    Haha, way too many things to get excited about in NY...

  2. Bwah! We need to take a picture in our matching coats.

  3. How cool that you met WB IRL!! Isn't being a fashion blogger the coolest? You look beautiful and I am SO excited for you to be in nyc, and with such a fab tour guide, too!


  4. I'm glad you're having fun in the Big Apple...I saw your pics of the Upper West Side on Wendy's blog and it was fun taking this virtual trip with you both in my neighborhood :)

  5. Teresa, thanks for the recommendations!

    Wendy, yes we do! I'm wearing it tonight over my Halloween costume, I think.

    CC, it is pretty sweet! And Wendy makes a kick-ass tour guide.

    AIS, thanks for stopping by!

  6. OOO sounds like so much fun. Enjoy it..NYC is so full of life and excitement! Your finds are super :)

  7. WHAT! YOU ARE IN NYC?!?!?!?!!?!?!??!?!?

  8. Secretista, yes I am!!!!!!

    I'm leaving Nov. 5. I say we meet up for some cupcakes before then! Email my gmail ( and we'll figure something out.

  9. wow your jacket is fantastic! the skirts and boots too! enjoy everything to the max while you are there! i can't wait til i go !


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