Will Write For Swag

Almost a month after I interviewed Two of Hearts for Stylefinds, Jenny and Tabitha contacted me about doing some writing work for their websites and offered me free clothes in exchange. How could I say no?

The three of us went through a week-long collaborative process and multiple rounds of revisions. Then, this past weekend, Jenny invited me to their Main Street studio to pick out something from each clothing line for which I did a write-up. I had so much fun going through the racks of clothes and trying things on. After much deliberation, I picked the Gigi dress from the Two of Hearts line in black and green, and a black sweater dress from the CiCi line.

I really love both dresses and am already envisioning myself wearing them during my travels. Paired with some kitten heels and tights, the black sweater dress will let me channel my inner Audrey Hepburn if I go to dinner at a nice restaurant or a show in London or Paris. The Gigi dress will look streetwise and super cute with a long-sleeved tee, leggings, and boots while I'm strolling the streets of NYC.

P.S. I can't wait to see my write-ups on the websites!
P.P.S. I should really do this more often if the opportunity arises. It's rewarding and flattering to know that people enjoy your writing enough to offer you the chance to do more of it. Plus, the "will write for swag" arrangement lets me shop without spending money.


  1. Nice exchange, very cute looks!!


  2. I agree those are really cute! Perfect for traveling with a lot of style (Which is hard to accomplish!)

  3. Nice picks! Yeah, can't really beat that kind of deal ;) Let us know when the write-ups go live.

  4. Really love that 2nd dress. The drop waist look is too cute.


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