Run Fast, Trial #273

Image courtesy of The Purse Blog

MizzJ sent me a link to The Purse Blog's post on the Fendi Selleria Hobo with the words "I cannot believe this purse costs $1460."

I agreed; the purse seemed like a nothing-special hobo. Then I joked, "Unless that's unicorn skin it's made of!"

I don't know where that wisecrack came from. I can only attribute it to one of my favourite Savage Chickens cartoons in recent memory.

Poor Narwhorse (aka trial #72). Your genetically blessed brethren may have been skinned to make boring Fendi.


  1. haha such a cute cartoon. you're right thats an outrageous price, especially for an unimaginative bag!

  2. That purse does seem a tad steep, but it's cute!

    Glad you liked the Ed Hardy shoes - and I'd love it if you featured them/me!


  3. unicorn skin?? hahah! yeah i'm sorry but you will never see me shelling out that much money for a purse! i'd rather have tons of shoes!!

  4. That is quite a boring bag. But I do love narwhals.


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