Looking Back On Lisa: Money Matters

While browsing through my archives, I noticed that I talk about financial and marketing matters as they relate to fashion quite a bit.

It's interesting to note that when I began blogging, I was dead set against what I perceived as overspending on clothes. Of course, with my newfound weakness for Chanel and Coach, as well as my new resolution to buy for quality and longevity rather than price, that stance has changed. Nonetheless, I still value a stable financial future over shoes.

I love lenient refund/exchange policies. With increasingly skittish consumers nowadays, more retailers should embrace them, too.

Are you contemplating a shopping ban during these rough financial times? Check out what prompted me to start a 5-month self-imposed shopping ban; tips and tricks that helped keep me on track; and my thoughts on the experience overall.

Mrs. Exeter, seriously, are you f***ing kidding me?!?

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