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A little while ago, gorgeous blogger chellemorgan contacted me with an interview request for her blog Discovering Elegance. She was so sweet and charming and such a joy to talk to. The interview along with the beautiful photos Chelle took of my outfit are now up. Click here if you want to find out about where I went to school (and what I studied), my regular fashion staple, which film character's wardrobe I'm coveting, and other fun facts. Thanks for the fantastic profile, Chelle, and to my readers, I hope you enjoy reading it!


  1. Ooooh fun!

    I was watching 300 Days of Summer and I happen to have one of the cardigans Zooey was wearing! It's from 2005! I'm never getting rid of it now.

  2. Anya, I'm going to have to buy 500 Days of Summer and just watch it again and again for the clothes and decor. It's that kind of movie.

  3. wow..
    love to read the interview..
    u look lovely in that pphoto dear..

  4. heey, aw too bad u couldn't find anything at the sale. did u go on opening day or afterwards?

    i didn't see much i liked either but i think a few of the really nice pairs were all gone. saw some ppl pick up a nice pair i liked.

    but yes, do take a pic when u wear that blue and white striped shirt that the boy shrank lol. i would love to see how you wear it!

    and very cool photos from the interview : ) lookin' good

  5. Yay! I loved reading the interview!

    I haven't seen 500 Days of Summer yet, but now I'll definitely have to check it out. I watched an episode of Bones on which Zooey Deschanel guest-starred (her sister, Emily, is the main character), and they are both just GORGEOUS! :)

  6. great interview lisa! loved the photos that you guys took :) I haven't watched 500 days of summer yet but I know I'm going to love it. I love Zooey's style in the movie and well, JGL... he's just hot hahaha

  7. congrats! a good interview and it's nice to learn more about you and how your blog was started. totally agree with you on your style - classic with a twist!

    love your wendy brandt jewelry as always.

  8. Lisa, you looked stunning in your interview! Congrats :)

  9. Gorgeous picture and darling interview!


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