Shirtdresses, My New Obsession

Since purchasing my shirtdress last month, I've become obsessed with the look to the point of contemplating another one. Although they're ubiquitous this season and lots of options exist at every price point, a good shirtdress is hard to find in my experience. My ideal version would walk the fine balance between masculinity and femininity, and be loose-cut enough to remind me of a men's shirt but figure-flattering so as not to dwarf me. Then there's the pattern, colour, detailing, buttons...the list goes on. While I'm a long way from finding the next one, I did find a few for us to ogle. Enjoy!

All Seasons shirtdress (Anthropologie), $118 Cdn. White and semi-sheer with ruffles and pleats, this dress is feminine without being over-the-top girly--just the way I like it.

BB Dakota Rhea Self Embellished Dress (Urban Outfitters), $68 US. The hue and hemline make this shirtdress true perfection.

Shore Leave dress (ModCloth), $47.99 US. The cuffed sleeves, embroidery, and military styling of this shirtdress set it apart from all the others.

Eliza J belted stretch cotton shirtdress (Nordstrom), $128 US. The ruffles! The bow sash! The pleats! The bright yellow colour!

Are you a fan of shirtdresses? How do you like wearing this look? What's your ideal shirtdress style?

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  1. These are so gorgeous! Especially loving the yellow one!


  2. I love that you highlighted some without the traditional oxford-type collars. I keep buying shirt dresses and then I keep not wearing them because I don't think the collars look right on me! That yellow one is particularly gorgeous.

  3. YES! I loved them. I have a kelly green one I need to dig out!

  4. love it a lot!
    the second one is such amazing..

  5. Oooooh! The yellow one is so happy! :) I have a casual-looking one from H&M somewhere... probably in Boston.

  6. I love the yellow dress! I have one similar to that one. It's such a pretty color!

  7. I love the look of a shirtdress, the yellow especially is so me! I need to invest in one for my internship wardrobe :)

  8. Beautiful! I'm a huge fan of shirtdresses. I have one, but I'm looking for a silk version. Love all the ones you posted!

  9. Hee-hee, I have that blue dress. I need to wear it again...

  10. I love the blue version, get it! I love buying multiples of a shape I love.

  11. i like the anthropologie one the best - it's so frilly and girly. I think you might be able to find something really nice that's vintage - and then customize it to fit you.

    i have a khaki shirt dress that's kinda military/safari-ish but i haven't worn it that many times - funny enough one of the few times i did was when Kelsey featured it on The Anthology. I vow to wear it more with this spring's nude/beige craze.

    thx too for your sweet comments on the style spy!


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