VFW FW 2010: Drew William

Of his fall/winter 2010 show, Central Saint Martins (London) graduate and designer Drew William said, "I was inspired by the paintings of Eugene Delacroix, specifically Liberty Leading the People and the collection evolved organically from that point." Perhaps it was the tones and colours of Delacroix's paintings and the draping of his subjects' garb that caught William's eye, because apart from those elements I saw little of the famous painter's influence in the collection.

Instead, William's show was equal parts drama and fashion, eerie and memorable. Models with ship-festooned hair and blood-red eye makeup made their way down the runway with the stiff, slow gait of the walking dead. Clothes ranged from preppy classics such as a rugby shirt and a gray peacoat for men, to an avant garde lightweight trouser with pant legs that cocooned around limbs. Women's dresses were asymmetrical and draped.

My favourite piece used feathers trapped between a layer of black mesh and nude material to add volume and movement. This dress was a true show-stopper. The pleated black mesh formed interlocking lines across the bodice and skirt, and the feathers along the hem made it seem heavy and light all at once.

Overall, the show reminded me of horror movies and ghost ships more than French Romantic paintings. But that's okay; sometimes you don't have to understand fashion to appreciate its artistry.

All runway photos by Wayne Mah.

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