Today's Outfit: Stripes On Stripes

At the Noir Lash Lounge party, photographer Darryl Humphrey complimented my outfit and asked what inspires me to put things together the way I do. Like a lot of fashion bloggers, I think my inspiration comes from a mishmash of magazines, street style websites, blogs, and people-watching. Most days I get dressed according to a certain mood, what the day holds for me, or what I think the weather will be like. (Getting caught in the rain without boots is never fun.) But sometimes I get an idea in my head and it won't let me out of its grasp. After I bought this striped shirt, the idea of mixing different stripes entered my thoughts and never left.

So I did it. Was it my most flattering, winsome, adorable outfit? Probably not. But it made me feel really happy to wear it and exorcise the thought out of my system, and that was what counted that day.
  • Striped top (H&M)
  • Skirt (Francis)
  • Tights (H&M)
  • Shoes (from London)
  • Swear rings (Wendy Brandes)
Your turn now! What inspires you to dress the way you do each and every day?


  1. Hi Lisa!
    How are you? :)
    Like yourself, a lot of times I imagine an outfit and then find pieces in my wardrobe or stores, to bring it to life. It does provide some sort of pleasure, once the puzzle is


  2. Gorgeous--so femme sailor chic!

    & love your hair.

  3. Gorgeous, darling!
    Love your lipstick!


  4. I think I usually go based on colour and whether I've worn something similar recently -- though the weather and what I'm doing that day is a HUGE contributing factor.

    Then, if I'm not going to work (my work makeup is white-gold eyeshadow and 60's lashshadow eyeliner) I pick makeup palette based on what colours aren't in my outfit (and 'go' to some extent, but all colours I wear are bright so they all 'go' IMO), and the same for hair accessories if I'm wearing them.

    I will also have trends or ideas I want to try that I saw somewhere that I buy pieces for -- or I fall in love with something specific and need to find a way to incorporate it, which I usually plan in the dressing room.

  5. cute stripes mixing, you know I’d photo you for The Eyeline – quite the standout with that pink lippy! I’m inspired by bloggers too much so I am turning inward – it’s exciting.

  6. Oh this is a cute and fun mix! I love this type of style - matching on everything but the type of stripes. Very cute!

  7. I LOVE your shoes! They are soooo cute! And of course you got it from London...its always the finds that are not from the city you live in that look so chic!

  8. i like the outfit - perfect for a dreary day (colour-wise).

  9. In all honesty, sometimes my inspiration for an outfit comes out of necessity, e.g. I haven't done laundry, and I'm scrambling to put together a smart looking outfit before jetting off to work! Tee hee!

    Always love seeing you with that Wendy Brandes ring. Work it!

    P.S. - I've made a link to your blog in my latest post, so make sure you check it out!

  10. Ah, red lips! Wonderful touch!

  11. LOVE it, Lisa! You're such a babe. :)

  12. Love the skirt and thought it might Francis. The mix of stripes from the top to the skirt work really well together.

  13. im the same its my mood and magazines. inspiration is everywhere

  14. Swear rings AND red lipstick! I approve.


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