Eco Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012: Nicole Bridger

After winning the FTA's inaugural Eco Designer of the Year award in 2010 and opening a new flagship store on West 4th Avenue, Nicole Bridger returned to Eco Fashion Week with a collection sure to please her devoted fans. Titled 'Allowing Grace', the soft, pretty separates in eco-friendly fabrications were full of Bridger's style signatures: muted sorbet hues, ruched waistlines, inverted drapes on skirts, drawstrings, minimalist silhouettes.

"Allowing Grace is about having a desire for something in life and then completely letting go and allowing the universe to put it into place in its own time and way," said Bridger of the theme for this collection. "One day in meditation, I asked for a guiding image to help me through this part of my life and I saw a rising sun. Have faith that it will all be ok, just as you have faith that the sun will rise every morning. Let your own light shine as bright as the sun. Be who you are and allow for grace."

Grace was certainly in evidence during the presentation as yogis and interpretive dancers shared the runway alongside barefoot models. The innovative show really highlighted the fluid ease and down-to-earth quality of Bridger's designs.


  1. Hi thanks for this post, it looks interesting, the models walking barefoot and all, wish I was there!

  2. ooh its that time of the year again! I love it when they make it more than just runway, and nice pictures btw!!

  3. such a great show wasn't it? i loved the dancers - and how the models navigated their way around it. all the clothes were so wearable too. Bridger is def. a gifted designer.

  4. I thought this was so neat, the idea of incorporating yoga into a runway show is quite innovative.

  5. Happy to say I was there and enjoyed myself at the show with my little sister.

    Took a few notes in case I might plan a fashion show at SFU next year - what fun!

    The dance and catwalk integration is so cool, love it.



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