Nicole Bridger Fall/Winter 2011

I am heads-down working away on an important project (due Friday!), so today's post will just be a quick one highlighting my favourite look from the Nicole Bridger fall/winter 2011 lookbook. Love the neutral tones, the colour-blocking effect of the olive shorts against the burgundy tights, the peep-toe platform booties, and of course, Bridger's signature draping. Simple, stylish, dramatic.

Note to self: remember to wear shorts with tights more often this season.


  1. Love tights with shorts for Fall. Such a great look!

  2. Good luck with that project of yours! Deadlines seem to always creep up on you no matter how prepared you are.

    P.S. Tights with shorts are the way to go, although I seem to always look very awkward when I try to pull it off. I'll have to try to pay homage to Nicole and make tights and shorts look classy, not trashy.

  3. i cant pull off the shorts with tights look :(

  4. I love Nicole Bridger - amazing collections every season.

    Lovely blog btw :) followed you!

  5. I'm a fan of Nicole Bridger.

    I have the Happiness top and Strength dress from her summer 2011 collection and love them both dearly.

    Investments but super comfy fabric and love her values.



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