Today's Outfit: Take It Slow

  • Anthropologie cardigan
  • Kate Spade necklace
  • CiCi lace top (worn over Zara cami)
  • Joe Fresh belt
  • J. Crew wool cafe capris
  • Browns flats

Lately it seems like whenever I do an outfit post, all I ever do is talk about how busy I've been, how tired I am or how crazy things are. Needless to say, this week has been hectic and I'm really glad Thanksgiving is here. The trip to Long Beach and Portland only happened two weeks ago, but it already feels like a lifetime away.

When life speeds up, I'm overcome by the urge to slow it down with simple pleasures. Sipping a cup of tea on the couch, sleeping in or reading a novel seems like the ultimate exercise in indulgence. I just finished rereading The Last of the Just by Andre Schwarz-Bart, an epic novel that follows the Levy family through centuries of Jewish persecution from the Crusades to the concentration camps of the Holocaust. It was just as sad and brilliant as it was the first time around, and it made me look forward to rediscovering the other gems that I'd shelved on my bookcase and forgotten. Yes, I'm definitely looking forward to slowing it down and taking it easy this long weekend.

To my Canadian readers, have a happy Thanksgiving! To my international readers, enjoy the weekend!


  1. Reading a book in bed with a cup of tea is my favorite thing to do but the hardest thing to make time for. :(

    Love the cardigan, by the way!

  2. Love these artful layers, Lisa!

  3. have a good thanksgiving!! I'm planning to have a relaxing time doing absolutely nothing as well! :)

    p.s yea the cambridge satchel finally came in, only took 2 months, i'm very disappointed at their service!

  4. Lovely cardigan!

  5. I really like how you've paired the Kate Spade necklace (from your Portland trip?) with that lace top! It really makes a statement!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Loving this look on you Lisa! That colour's beautiful on you. And I feel the exact same way about all my posts lately...I guess you end up talking about what's going on in life and if everything in your life is centred around a jam-packed schedule, that's what you have to talk about! I usually like to go out and blow some steam on weekends but lately I just want a few things: reading, relaxing, and eating. It's just nicer to appreciate the simple things than to continuously force yourself to go do "fun" things.

    Happy early Thanksgiving love!

    Alex xoxo

  7. Oh Lisa you do tease - I love your flats here but you've only put brown shoes as the description. Do tell!

    Yes sipping a cup of tea is the perfect way to slow down...coincidentally just wrote about that in my recent post on high tea.

  8. Hey Lisa, love those pants. How tall are you? I wouldn't mind wearing those capris as pants! That way I won't need to get my pants hemmed. : )

  9., I meant Browns as in the company Browns. :-)

    Danielle, I'm 5'3" with a 30" inseam. These pants are supposed to be capri length and they hit me just above the ankle.

  10. I like how the black necklace really ties in the whole outfit together, and makes something so casual look so polished.

  11. I love love love that necklace! So happy to have stumbled upon your blog! I am a new follower!


  12. You look absolutely amazing. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

  13. Love that touch of colour among the monotones. Definitely love the shoes too


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