Rainboot Round-Up

Last year, I wrote about my quest for a pair of nice rainboots that weren't Hunters or Tretorns and how I found my beloved Kate Spade bow-adorned pair. Evidently this subject struck a chord with readers, tweeters and passersby alike. Any time I wore my Kate Spade boots or featured them in an outfit post, the people who paid me compliments also wished for a pair of unique wellies to call their own.

This year, I decided to the legwork for those of you still looking for your rainboot soulmate and found a plethora of options. Ironically, half of these options are from the same brand I tried to avoid the first time around! Hunter's been experimenting with fun details that result in not-so-typical Hunters: wedge heels, laces, quilting, shearling, even a two-tone crested pair with an equestrian vibe. Rainboot lovers who want Hunters don't have to settle for a pair that looks like everyone else's anymore.

Hunter Boots styles, clockwise from top left: Andora ($175), Lapins ($225), Regent Savoy ($175), Regent Carlyle ($195), Adley ($250)

Bows, buckles, laces and fun bright colours make for darling rainboots from other brands too.

Which pair is your favourite?

UPDATE [November 28,2011]: Well, that was a bust. After less than a year--a very blissful year--with my Kate Spade rain boots, I was less than happy to find that the rubber was cracking at the ankle. Talk about shoddy quality! The search is on for a replacement pair.


  1. Rain boots - so necessary in the Northwest. Love the bright ones, because it gets gray and depressing here.

  2. I like the Burberry pair - any chance you came across rainboots with an appealing pattern or print?

  3. oh man, I've been eyeing me some hunter boots for a few months now, but they're a bit on the expensive side esp when I already have a pair of burberry ones :( I do like the first pic 2nd row one to the left though, that one doesn't look too much like regular rubber rainboots, I think I can justify myself buying those!!

  4. Elisse, sadly I'm not usually a fan of printed rainboots. Printed pairs that I've seen are usually branded to the nines or kind of garish.

  5. I'm not a fan of traditional Hunters because everyone has them. Why look like everyone else?

    Kate Spades ankle boots are adorable. I'm actually on a Loeffler Randall kick right now. Booties! Must get them.


  6. Anya, the Loeffler Randall rain booties are really cute!

  7. Those Kate Spade booties are ADORABLE!

  8. I absolutely love the booties with the bow, wish I had seen them before I bought my "fake Hunters" at Browns in Pacific Center. I guess the only way my rain boots are a bit more special, is that they're not black but more a burgundy kind of red.

    It's the first time I have bought rain boots - it is not something we wear in the Netherlands - so I am quite excited for the heavy rainfall (until it actually will start...).

    Clutching The Bow

  9. I'm dying for these: http://wendybrandes.com/blog/2011/08/louis-vuitton-goes-to-the-adorable-dogs/


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