Malene Grotrian Presents 'A Modern Classic': F/W 2011 Show

Last Monday, clients, media and well-wishers gathered on Granville Island for the fall/winter 2011 Malene Grotrian fashion show. Titled 'A Modern Classic', the evening began with a cocktail reception and canapés in the Dockside Restaurant at the Granville Island Hotel. While mingling with guests and sipping white wine, I ran into some familiar faces as well as new ones and had a chance to test out my new camera.

Rick Chung, Rebecca Cheung, and Alihandra Dubien

Nadia Albano and members of her hair and makeup team

Nadia accessorized her faux fur vest with sparkly vintage rhinestone brooches. Love!

After the cocktail reception, guests made their way from the Dockside Restaurant to the Performance Works theatre. There, Dawn Chubai (of Breakfast Television fame) sang jazz numbers for everyone accompanied by the sounds of a Grotrian piano.

As for the show itself, it was quintessential Malene Grotrian: classic but full of interesting details, glamorous without falling prey to the clichés of glamour, a blend of structured tailoring and dramatic draping. Fabrics ranged from lush silks to cozy wools and tweeds and soft jersey. Grotrian's signature piece, the bustier, was re-imagined in jewel-toned taffeta and a fetching white tweed/black piping combination. There were plenty of jackets and voluminous belted shawls to wear over the bustiers and strapless cocktail dresses. Small silver buttons lined the long sleeves of floor-length jersey numbers. Grotrian fans--as well as women looking for their next gala or holiday party outfit--will find plenty to love here.

Congratulations on a great show, and all the best for this season and the next!


  1. I like the idea of the belted shawl - definitely doable for me to try this holiday season! Great pics on your new cam!

  2. that purple jersey dress is amazing!!!
    Come follow my blog darling!xx

  3. cool photos! I love them!


  4. the brooches on the fur vest is a totally love! I think I'm gonna cop that haha, hope you had a good thanksgiving!

  5. Wow, this looks like such an amazing event! First of all, loving Nadia's brooch-embellished fur vest. Such a great idea, I might have to a little dressing up of my fauxs this weekend! And the show itself looks amazing, the designs are so luxurious and feminine. What camera did you get? I've got my fingers crossed for a new one from Santa this Christmas and am trying to figure out which one to shoot for :)

    Alexandra xo

  6. Alexandra, I got a Panasonic Lumix G3.

  7. The name of the acquaintance you can't remember is Alihandra Dubien. She's a classmate of mine, and her look is unmistakable. =)


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